B2B e-Commerce

Customer App and Portal

Transform your customers' shopping journey with a comprehensive, self-service portal that empowers them to easily place orders, access their order history, and enjoy personalised pricing alongside a tailored product catalogue.

B2B Sales

Barcode Scanning

Streamline your sales process with efficient barcode scanning, reducing errors and saving time during order processing.

Multi Catalogues

Create and manage multiple catalogues using the same or different items to cater to diverse customer needs and segments, enhancing your product organisation and presentation.

Multiple Item Images

Showcase your products effectively with the ability to upload multiple images per item, providing customers with a comprehensive view to aid their purchasing decisions.

Unlimited SKUs

Handle extensive product ranges effortlessly with support for unlimited Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), ensuring scalability as your business grows.

multiple Units of measure

Multiple units of measure accommodate different selling and stocking units, offering flexibility in how products are managed and sold.


Access your sales tools anywhere, anytime with our native apps for iOS and Android, as well as a web platform, ensuring seamless operation across devices.

Real Time Pricing

Ensure pricing accuracy and responsiveness with real-time pricing updates. Multiple Price Lists: Create and manage multiple price lists to cater to different customer segments or regions, providing tailored pricing strategies that enhance competitiveness.

discount pricing

Easily apply discount pricing for promotions, special offers, or loyal customers, helping you boost sales and customer loyalty with attractive pricing.


Implement a sophisticated pricing structure with a matrix hierarchy. This will allow for detailed and flexible pricing strategies that consider various factors such as customer type and product category.

Quantity Breaks

Offer quantity breaks to incentivise larger purchases, automatically applying discounts based on the quantity ordered to drive higher sales volumes.

Multi-currency support

Conduct international business seamlessly with multi-currency support, enabling you to cater to global customers and manage transactions in various currencies.


Maintain accurate inventory levels with real-time updates, improving customer satisfaction through reliable availability information.

24/7 B2B e-Commerce

Boost satisfaction and engagement and streamline your order management process by offering a self- service portal available 24/7 for convenient order placement.

Tailored Pricing

Create customer- specific price lists, payment options and catalogue.

Increase Cash Flow

PortalX allows customers to pay balances, orders, or invoices by accepting card payments.


Visit the App Store or Google Playstore to download the latest version of the PortalX app

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